Fred again.. Reveals that Bass Sound in ‘Jungle’ is Sampled from “Dodgy Cable”

In a fun video, Fred again.. revealed how he turned a sound from his dodgy jack cable into the bass of his track ‘Jungle’ – video below.

Sometimes you listen to some tracks and think about the sophisticated synths and modulation that went into making them. This one however has a different story. If you haven’t listened yet to ‘Jungle’, go check out the track that is yet another amazing production by Fred Again..

The already-legendary artist revealed that the Bass of the track was actually sampled from a dodgy jack cable he has. Fred Again demonstrates how, by moving the aforementioned cable in and out of the audio input, he could generate a distinctive low-end throb. This sound was recorded on his iPhone, then chopped up, processed, and re-repitched on the Logic Pro timeline. He also went on and showed how the sample and sound turned into the amazing bass that comes with this track.

@fredagainagain i realised id never told anyone thisssss #behindthesong ♬ Jungle – Fred again..

It’s got soooo much detail to it as a sound which I really love

Fred Again..

With this Fred demonstrates that sound design inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places. Being able to recognize interesting sounds and make such a great bass is also what defines the genius in Fred again..