EDX Discusses ‘Insomnia’, Latest NA Tour, and More

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Suzy Paylan

EDX is one of Switzerland’s most-popular house music imports, especially in progressive house, electro house, and deep house. Born as Maurizio Colella, the Grammy-nominated producer and Sirup Music label founder has been having a very active 2023 so far. In mid-May, EDX released his first single of 2023, ‘Renascence’, a blissful jam filed with melodic vocals and vibrant beats. One month later, EDX and Frey collaborated to release their remake of the 1993 Eurodance smash hit single from Corona, ‘The Rhythm of the Night’.

On August 12th, the Swiss DJ will be in his hometown of Zurich as he plans to headline the Insomnia Dance Festival at the Hallenstadion. EDMTunes catches up with EDX once again as he discusses headlining the Insomnia Dance Festival, his latest North American tour, his recent music releases, rising artists on the Sirup Music label, upcoming music plans, and much more. Additionally, check out his exclusive radio show, No Xcuses, as well via Apple Podcasts.

Ken Ngo (EDMTunes): Hello EDX! You are one of the headlining acts for the upcoming Insomnia Dance Festival that will take place at the Hallenstadion in Zurich on August 12th, How are the preparations for your upcoming set at Insomnia going at the moment?

Maurizio Colella (EDX): Hey there! Great to speak to you!

Yes, I can’t wait for Insomnia Dance Festival. It is always special getting the chance to play on your home turf! The stadium itself is so impressive and I can’t wait to be back there after many years. I think it’s going to be one for the history books. 🙂

Will you give the readers a sneak preview of what to expect for your set at Insomnia next month?

If you check out my No Xcuses radio show, you will get a good feel for the type of sounds to expect! I want to represent Swiss dance culture as well as showcase some recent tracks from around the world that will certainly light the stadium up. I can’t give too much away, but there will be lots of moments during my set that you don’t want to miss. Make sure to be there if you can!

EDX Exclusive Interview Insomnia Dance Festival Lineup Poster
Image Courtesy: Insomnia Dance Festival / See Tickets

You have been on a North American tour for the past several weeks (with your last two tour stops being District Atlanta on Friday, July 21st and the Global Dance Festival in Denver on Saturday, July 22nd). What were some of the most interesting things in regards to music production that you conducted for your fans on your North American tour stops that were different from what you had made on your past tours?

The music world is always changing and I feel that people are currently very open and responsive to new sounds. I have been trying out some new material in my recent sets that people seem to have loved and I can’t wait to share when I can.

We also just hosted our NoXcuses Sunset Sessions in NYC and that was a real highlight. I was able to really experiment with new styles and sounds there. The audience were super energetic and a lot of fun!

In the first half of 2023, you released your first single of the year, ‘Renascence’, back in May. What have been some of the most memorable comments about the single that you have heard?

Around Miami Music Week when I was teasing the track, I heard a lot of really cool feedback saying it was one of the most diverse tracks of MMW. I really love it, and had been waiting a while to properly share it with the world, so I am always super happy to hear that kind of feedback.

Back in June, you also released your rework of ‘The Rhythm of the Night’ with Frey. When producing the rework of the classic 1993 hit track by Eurodance group Corona, how did you and Frey aim to make it stand out uniquely in comparison to the original track?

Since I was a young kid, I always wanted to get my hands on the magical ‘The Rhythm of the Night’ by Corona, produced by Roberto Zanetti (one of the most forward thinking and successful dance music producers of the last century). I will never forget experiencing it for the first time on a proper sound system during my summer holidays!

When I got permission from Zanetti himself, I started working on it two years ago with my friend Andrew p/k/a FREY and had this special feeling again. We wanted to ignite the feelings and memories of the original, but with a modern touch.

August is fast approaching in a couple weeks. Will the fans get to hear more new music coming from you in the next four months of this year?

Yes, I have plenty more music ready to go. Keep an eye on my socials for announcements!

Since you are also the label founder of Sirup Music, do you recommend any rising artists from the label that fans should definitely check out right now?

I actually love many on the label. There are sooo many! Let me pick just a few who are on the more underground and melodic vibes like:

– Pekka
– dorothy
– Levasseur
– Zoree

Do you have any plans for another North American tour in 2024?

Definitely! We are always working on new tours and shows behind the scenes. We are already really excited for next year. 2023 has been incredible so far, and the speed that it has been going means that 2024 will be here in no time. As previously mentioned, keep an eye on my socials, especially on Instagram, to keep up to date with news about tracks and tours. 🙂