Cloonee Goes Hard On His New Release ‘Fine Night’

Cloonee has had a stellar first half of the year. The mastermind behind some of the biggest hits in the tech house scene seems determined to climb even higher inside the scene this year. Today, Cloonee added a brand new weapon to his arsenal with the release of his latest track ‘Fine Night’. It is a raw, percussion drove banger that was released through the producer’s own label Hell Bent Records.

Few artists can match the consistency and energy Cloonee’s releases feature. Be it through infectious melodies, hard drops, or groove-filled percussions, each and every one of his releases becomes an instant hit. These tracks go on to become the crown jewel inside an already amazing DJ set. The result? One of the fastest-growing artists in today’s industry.

Fine Night

If there’s one thing Cloonee’s known for, it’s his samples. The English DJ first jumped to fame with the popular track ‘The Ciggie’. The track samples the absolute classic ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’. Ever since then, Cloonee has been known for being able to readapt any sample into a modern club heater. ‘It’s a Fine Day’ by Opus III is a song that may not mean anything to the majority of us. To Cloonee, however, it is a synonym for inspiration. For his latest track, the DJ chose a sample that highlights his roots and paid homage to his upbringing. A dark, minimalistic percussion comes together with a subby bass to create the bulk of the track. On top of that, and to add the magical touches Cloonee samples the chorus from ‘It’s a Fine Day’. The result? A hard-hitting, dancefloor-filler banger.

Cloonee does it again, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Stream ‘Fine Night’ by Cloonee out now everywhere!