ARTBAT’s UPPERGROUND Reveals New Futuristic Compilation

UPPERGROUND, ARTBAT‘s label returns with another highly anticipated fourth edition of the Selected series, titled Cyberpunk. Showcasing a selection of forward-thinking and futuristic sounds, the compilation features an exceptional lineup of artists, including Shall Ocin, Fred Lenix, Citizen Kain, and the renowned Ukranian duo themselves.

Listen to Cyberpunk Selected here.

The Cyberpunk Selected compilation exemplifies UPPERGROUND’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music and exploring cutting-edge sounds.

Cyberpunk Selected

Leading the charge is ARTBAT with their track ‘Artefact‘, a mesmerizing journey characterized by pulsating rhythms, modern production techniques, and the unmistakable ARTBAT flair. The duo’s unique vision shines through, delivering a dark energy that captivates listeners and propels them into a captivating sonic landscape.

Shall Ocin makes a powerful statement with ‘External‘, a track that seamlessly blends fast-paced grooves, gritty textures, and emotional breakdowns. The progressive touches and evolving elements add depth and intensity, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the audience.

Fred Lenix presents ‘Oblivion Bells‘, an exploration of raw and dark soundscapes that captivate the senses. The track’s scintillating tonal sounds, edgy arrangements, and captivating energy create an atmosphere of intrigue and anticipation.

Citizen Kain’s ‘Ghosts and Shadows‘ completes the compilation with its progressive and moody character. The track’s textures, powerful rhythms, and haunting elements come together to deliver a sonic journey that leaves a lasting impact.

Cyberpunk Selected showcases UPPERGROUND’s commitment to curating exceptional and boundary-pushing music. The compilation encapsulates the collective’s dedication to exploring new horizons and providing a platform for artists who are shaping the future of electronic music.


  1. ARTBAT – Artefact
  2. Shall Ocin – External
  3. Fred Lenix – Oblivion Bells
  4. Citizen Kain – Ghosts and Shadows