Apple Testing Revolutionary New A.I. Chatbot ‘Apple GPT’

In a fascinating development reported by Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, Apple is at the forefront of A.I. innovation. They are doing so with their latest creation – a ChatGPT-like A.I. chatbot, aptly named Apple GPT. The tech giant has been secretly working on this cutting-edge technology to challenge other A.I. giants like OpenAI and Google. This ambitious project marks a significant milestone in Apple’s journey toward A.I. supremacy.

The ‘Ajax’ Framework Powers Apple GPT

Firstly, to build the formidable ‘Apple GPT,’ Apple has developed its own framework called Ajax. By leveraging the powerful Google Cloud-based ‘Ajax,’ Apple has created large language models. These models have laid the foundation for its internal ChatGPT-style tool. Despite initial security concerns, Apple has now made the chatbot available to more employees, empowering them to harness its capabilities for product prototyping and beyond.

Apple’s Quest for Generative A.I. Talent

As part of its ongoing efforts to advance A.I. capabilities, Apple has actively sought generative A.I. talent. On its career page, the company has posted job listings seeking experts in large language models and generative A.I. The company aims to close the gap with its competitors and meet the increasing consumer demand for generative A.I. tools, which can streamline tasks like drafting essays and creating images. Tim Cook’s commitment to addressing privacy concerns related to A.I. reaffirms Apple’s thoughtful approach to integrating A.I. across its products.

In conclusion, Apple’s development of the ‘Apple GPT’ chatbot, powered by the revolutionary ‘Ajax’ framework, is set to shake up the A.I. landscape. With its potential to assist in product prototyping and other tasks, Apple is making strides towards catering to the consumer demand for generative A.I. tools. As the tech giant joins the race for A.I. supremacy, we eagerly await its significant A.I.-related announcement next year.

[H/T] – Tech Crunch