Anyma Announced New Album ‘GENESYS’

Anyma announced his new album, GENESYS, during an Afterlife set that occurred at Tomorrowland during this past weekend. The Italian producer Anyma, whose real name is Matteo Milleri and is one-half of melodic techno duo Tale of Us alongside countryman Carmine Conte, announced GENESYS via a joint performance with Grimes on their collaborative track, ‘Welcome to the Opera’. GENESYS is also the name of Anyma’s latest project and ‘Welcome to the Opera’ is the lead single of the album. Additionally, Anyma announced that GENESYS will officially debut on August 11th. Check out the moment that Anyma announced GENESYS by watching the video below.

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: @YouBeat / Youtube

Anyma introduced GENESYS during jaw-dropping performance with Grimes at Tomorrowland

When both Anyma and Grimes played their collaborative track, ‘Welcome to the Opera’, they utilized outstanding visuals from the Afterlife set. A harness was pulling Grimes while a giant humanoid figure from the visuals performed an action that resembled lifting her up. The mesmerizing performance emphasized a very exciting yet futuristic vibe to the set that showcased to the audience what a world where natural beauty and technological innovation enter an everlasting relationship.

Check out Anyma’s official Linktree for his latest releases and sets. Last, but not least, click here to download and stream ‘Welcome to the Opera’. For anyone who wants to see a snippet of the art-pop artist being pulled up, check out Grimes’ tweet below. Finally, check out the music video as well by clicking on this link.