Anyma and Rebuke Release Their ‘Syren’ Song Ahead of Genesys

Anyma is giving your New Music Friday a brand-new single with Rebuke titled ‘Syren‘. The song will be included in his upcoming debut album, Genesys, set for release on August 11th. This single follows the release of his previous single, ‘Welcome To The Opera’ with Grimes. The duo is hot off last weekend’s surprise performance of their song during his set at Tomorrowland Festival 2023. In case you missed it, fans witnessed Grimes being lifted into the air, held by Anyma’s iconic signature humanoid robot in the palm of its hand. What’s more, an AI voice revealed the album’s date, title, and tracklist.

Firstly, the Mexican-inspired siren finally gets its own ‘Syren’ song. We’ve seen it in many Afterlife performances. Natural beauty and technological innovation enter their symbiotic relationship as Matteo Milleri continues his onslaught of releases. The soaring electric melody of the single pair perfectly with the futuristic humanoid presence we shall surely see more of. The song is menacing, haunting, hard and everything we love about Matteo. Melodic techno, intricate rhythms, and powerful visuals add new dimension to his evergrowing repertoire.

Now, the album is an innovative and remarkable body of work derived from a unique production ethos. He has been teasing songs during live performances over the last year, and the project features various artists including Chris AvantgardeGrimesCassianRebukeCamelphat, and more. This will further solidify Anyma’s place as a leading trailblazer in electronic music today. Additionally, he is already the #1 selling artist in the world this year on Beatport. Mark your calendars for the Genesys release and listen to ‘Syren’ below.

Anyma, Rebuke – Syren | Buy/Stream