ALRT Drops Much Anticipated Album ‘Multiplicity’

ALRT has gifted the world with a 15-track album that will make you move. His latest creation of art Multiplicity combines Bass and Tech House. It is edgy yet groovy at the same time and will make your feet move right out of the gate. He drew inspiration from his personal journey outside of the studio and it is a powerful sonic collection of music.

With each track, you will be sent right into the darkness of the club. The Intro with a robotic female vocal sets the tone for what your ears are about to embark on. It is cinematic and dramatic and the following tune ‘Familia’ really gets the party started. I am a true believer in listening to each song in order and having the story unfold. You will want to do this with this one.

Each track is really incredibly unique while retaining the sound of the album. ‘New Hype’ really brings the energy that I love in house music. ‘One Time’ has a big plot twist drop swap that you will need to hear to understand. I enjoyed ‘Mother’ and the softness it provided in contrast to the others. It also is a testament to his new role as father and husband.

The album closes with ‘1985.’ It is a nostalgic soundscape drawing from ALRT’s memories of listening to Trance. A truly immersive journey, Multiplicity provides the edge to house music.

Make sure to check it out in full below!