Above & Beyond Receive First RIAA Gold-Certified Record

Above & Beyond, everyone’s beloved trio has finally won their first RIAA Gold-Certified Record. Drumroll please for their track ‘Don’t Leave‘ from their 2019 album Flow State.

About Flow State

Flow State was released in 2019, an album the group described as “music tools for yoga, mindfulness and mental fitness”. This album deviated from the A&B’s typical trance and progressive beats to take the audience into a state of zen with a song-cycle of ambient and piano-based arrangements. After the world suffered for two years through the pandemic the Anjuna kings brought a sense of peace and serenity through Flow State: Healing With Nature.

Don’t Leave – RIAA Gold-Certification

This track receiving the prestigious award of the RIAA Gold-Certificate marks 500,000 units moved of the song. Don’t Leave on Amazon music has made yoga and meditation music popular over the past few years. Multiple tracks from Flow State have surfaced on ambient-oriented Amazon Music playlists. This winner marks the first RIAA Gold-certificate for A&B creating inspiration for Anjuna’s recent label Reflections. They have created this space for wellness related music and aim to have one release diligently every week. They have created this space for electronic producers to explore different sounds making it a home for ambient and downtempo music. Pavoo (one third of Above & Beyond) celebrated this win for their label last night in Brooklyn. This celebration was in collaboration with Elena Brower (a contributor to Flow State), they hosted a sunset yoga session on the roof of Amazon Music.

“Our wellness and meditation customers are incredibly discerning; if a song isn’t resonating with them, we see that quickly. Above & Beyond put the same care into their work in the wellness space that they do for the dance floor, and it’s that attention that has led to the staying power of ‘Don’t Leave’ on Amazon Music.

John Farrey, lead of dance and electronic music at Amazon Music

Above and Beyond have taken a different route since the pandemic to reach their audience. We have seen the resurface of Pavoo’s alia P.O.S, who released his new album earlier this year. Siljamaki has mentioned countless times now that their aim with their music is to help bring people’s attention and focus towards helping themselves find better mental fitness and overall happiness in life.

We are extremely happy for the three maestros. Big congratulations to Above & Beyond from the EDMTunes family!