The Warrior Workout Will Be A Part Of Tomorrowland

The hardest of styles is featuring a selection of jams for a Belgian-based workout next month.

For some people, 30 minutes go by in a breeze. For others, half an hour is quite a long time. At the end of the day, though, that’s all Q-Dance needs to host its exercise routine, the Warrior Workout. The activity that bears this name is quite self-explanatory, and it consists of an intense guided performance, with the added spice that it’s driven forward by a Hardstyle set prepared just for the occasion.

Reverse Bass, Hardcore, Rawcore, and Rawstyle are only a handful of genres these guys squeeze into the routine, so you better believe the workout is intense! Click this link to watch all the routines they’ve made. Also, check the latest one, Episode 3, right below:

Tomorrowland’s Warrior Workout

Q-Dance will present their Warrior Workout at this year’s Tomorrowland. Actually, they’ll present it twice! You’ll be able to find them on Saturdays July 22nd and 29th, at 3 pm Belgium time. The workout will be 50% more intense, though, as their rounds will last 30 minutes, as opposed to the standard 20.

Check the announcement on the Instagram post below. Are you going to Tomorrowland? This one might make a great addition to your weekend!