Rezz & Raven Gray new single: ‘Embers’ Out Now!

Swirling with the alternative rock references of her youth and the modern electronic tendencies that have driven her catalog, ‘Embers’ is a masterful original that embodies the rocktronic genre Rezz has helped forge. Showing the diverse range of her upcoming EP, Rezz wraps Raven Gray’s angsty vocals with dark guitars, haunting synths, and deep percussive kicks. An emotionally-wrought original from the pair of LGBTQ+ musicians, ‘Embers’ is timed to coincide with Pride Month. Listen here.

The third and single off her upcoming IT’S NOT A PHASE EP,  ‘Embers’ follows Rezz’s recent alt-rock anthem Signalwith Grabbitz and grunge-tronic collaboration Blue In The Face with Shadient and fknsyd. Another sign that her goth roots are more than just a phase, ‘Embers’ is reminiscent of 2000s rock ballads with the crisp, modern electronic edge omnipresent throughout Rezz’s productions. Each track offering a glimpse into the nostalgic punk tones of Rezz’s teen years complemented by the bass-heavy elements of her signature sound, IT’S NOT A PHASE captures the dichotomy of sonic influences that have defined her. The EP will e released next month and fans are excited to hear the project in it’s entirety.