Out Now! GRiZ Remix of John Summit’s ‘Where You Are’

It’s finally here! After a triumphant release of the hit ‘Where You Are’ by John Summit & Hayla — peaking at #2 Dance Song in the US at Dance Radio and  #9 on the Billboard Hot Dance/ Electronic charts — bass and funk super star GRiZ is releasing his own highly anticipated dubstep remix of the track. Initially debuted in Summit’s Off The Grid cave rave, and most recently at EDC Las Vegas during his surprise Back to Back with Subtronics, the track has been one of the most searched, demanded and sought out songs on the internet.

Over the last few months, ‘Where You Are’ has instantly become a fan favorite throughout the landscape of dance music lovers and beyond. Now, GRiZ brings his own version to life, flipping the switch on energy, giving ‘Where You Are’ a fresh take with his melodic dubstep sound. The track truly combines the emotional soulful lyrics and angelic voice of Hayla with the funk and bass sounds of GRiZ. Listening to this remix certainly makes you think that the track should have originally been a melodic bass track to begin with! But don’t take our word for it. Give it a listen for yourself:

“‘Where You Are’ is an absolute anthem of a song. It made me feel so warm and euphoric when I first heard it that I immediately went to my studio and ripped the acapella of the vocals and made a version of it – really just for myself. I wanted to hear it the way I heard it in my head. I felt really inspired, so the main chunk of it I made in just a few hours. Then I really took my time finishing the song and making it sound good. So blown away by the response to it. I hope it makes your soul feel beautiful.” 

— GRiZ