Legend Nile Rodgers Talks AI and Avicii

Chic’s Nile Rodgers has recently spoken to The Daily Star’s Wired column about the relationship between technology and music, particularly artificial intelligence (AI).

Rodgers compares the music industry’s fear of AI to its initial panic towards drum machines, samplers, and computers, which have now become essential components of modern music production. He believes that artists should be given the freedom to experiment with AI and determine its role in the creative process.

The guitarist cites Avicii as an example of an artist who used technology to his advantage. Despite not fully understanding tertiary harmony, Avicii wrote beautiful songs that were guided by his ear. Rodgers attributes this to Avicii’s gear, which allowed him to express himself freely.

Adam Lamber / Nile Rodgers / Avicii via Twitter Aug 21, 2013.

Rodgers acknowledges that drum machines, sequencers, and other forms of technology have been vital in enabling countless musicians to produce music that they otherwise would not have been able to create. He appreciates the value of technology in music and believes that it should be embraced rather than feared.

Although Rodgers and Avicii recorded together in 2013, their collaborations remain unreleased. Avicii passed away in 2018 at the age of 28.

Looking towards the future of music production, Rodgers feels that it is up to individual artists to decide how they want to utilize AI. He believes that it may be a big deal out of nothing, but it could also lead to something wonderful.