Joris Voorn Releases Astonishing ‘Access’ Remix

Joris Voorn is giving us his take of the 90s essential rave track ‘Access’ by Dutch DJs Timo Maas and Jurgen Driessen. This is out now on Armada music. Listeners are in for a treat whilst currently on a high with Voorn’s remix of Eelke Klein’sTransmission’ and Marsh’sLittle Darling‘.

This original classic in the techno genre ‘Access’ was released in 1995. Armada music acquired X-Trax, the original platform used to release ‘Access‘. This iconic record had a huge impact on paving the future for the techno scene. DJ Misajah’s masterpiece with energetic rhythm and distinctive sound was a staple in sets in the 90s. This classic anthem in the techno movement showcased repetitive and hypnotic melody. It is accompanied with a driving base and the ‘squelching’ synth sound. The appreciation over the years lead it to earn its place on Mixmag in 2020 as one of the ‘Best Drops in Dance Music’.

Only fair this popular track received a remix by a fellow Dutch techno legend, Joris Voorn. Voorn gives fans a modern-day twist on ‘Access’ with his signature hypnotic sound. He expressed remixing this track as ‘both a challenge and a pleasure’. Fans would have experienced this track live at Voorn’s sets Awakenings, Printworks, Tomorrowland Winter, and Ultra Miami. Remixing this classic will cement its place in the world of techno history.

Hope you enjoy this remix as much as we do! Stay tuned for all the top news with us at EDMTunes.