Italian Bass DJ Eater Releases Bass Rattling ‘Invaders’ EP

Eater is an Italian bass DJ who has been carving up the bass scene lately. His unique bass production style has garnered support from labels including Quality Good Records and Tribal Trap, and his tracks have been included in several of Excision’s Lost Lands Compilations, His talents are now being further recognized as his latest ‘Invader’ EP has now landed on the iconic Subcarbon Records which is led by Ganja White Knight.

‘Invader’ is a 4 track EP which showcases Eater’s artistic identity where he puts out all the spots. On each track you can find explosive drops, bass rattling wubs, entrancing warbly soundscapes, and gritty synth work. The EP is his mark showing that he is here to enter the bass scene with a bang, cementing his position in the scene as a powerhouse figure.

Check out this immersive and captivating EP below and enjoy!