Hoang and SABAI Embark on Headlining Million Days Tour Across the U.S.

Hoang and SABAI are about to embark on their biggest tour to date, traveling all across the U.S. The Million Days tour sees them making their first leg in the west coast with stops in LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and then stops at major cities such as Chicago, New York, Dallas, and many more. Both artists just played at EDC Las Vegas 2023 and look to be carrying their momentum all summer long into the Fall. Tickets for the LA show are already sold out so be sure to see where they will be playing near you to secure yours!

Mike Hoang, professionally known as Hoang began producing and writing music at the young age of 8. He was classically trained in piano, giving him a solid music theory foundation before his interests in electronic music was piqued. Music has always been therapeutic for Mike and so he began to produce and write his own music as a way to express his inner thoughts and feelings. Since then, he’s garnered thousands of fans all over the world for his melodic sounds and emotive vocals that they can find comfort and relatability to. In the past few years, Hoang has continued to push his boundaries as an Asian American artist and gone on to release hits such as ‘Million Days’ with SABAI on Monstercat, ‘Run Back to You‘, ‘Hard Part’s Over‘ on Lost in Dreams, and ‘People Change‘ on Ophelia.

Thai born, Canadian based producer SABAI (which means comfortable in Thai) wants his fans to be comfortable with who they are and uses his music to show that everyone is connected to each other and can find support through. He’s diverse in his eclectric genre ranges but holds true to his beautiful melodies and heartfelt vocals that he pieces together into his tracks. Besides his hit collaboration with Mike on ‘Million Days’, tracks such as ‘Save You‘, ‘Me + You‘, and ‘Scared‘ all have millions of plays on Spotify.