CDJ-3000s Can Now Use Beatport Streaming Natively

A new firmware update – version 3.00 – has arrived for Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000s, and features the ability to stream tracks right from your Beatport library. Streaming Direct Play is a feature which allows users that pay for a Professional or Advanced subscription plan to play tracks from their Beatport library on the gear. The quality of the audio will vary depending on which service you’re willing to pay for. The Professional plan sits at AAC 256kbp/s, but the Advanced plan only offers an AAC of 128kbp/s.

You’ll first need to log into the platform on the CDJ directly. DJs can then browse through Beatport’s catalog as well as their own Beatport library, and utilize the feature on up to 4 CDJ-3000s at once, as long as they are all connected to the PRO DJ LINK network. StreamingDirectPlay can be combined with rekordbox’s CloudDirectPlay, which allows users to play tracks from the cloud with full waveform analysis, BPM and key data, Hot Cues, and Memory Cues at the ready when the track is loaded.

You’ll also need to have a subscription to either the Creative or Professional plan with rekordbox in order to get full freedom to sync your entire library of tracks and playlists. If you’re a Free or Core user, usage will be limited. Essential is $9.99 USD/mo, Advanced is $14.99/mo, and Professional is $29.99/mo. And if you’re interested in joining the double-streaming-library game with rekordbox’s cloud feature as well, their plans start at free, Core ($12/mo), Creative ($18/mo), and Professional ($36/mo) – sign up here.