BYNX Mashup Edit, The Veldt Cinema Sees Official Release

Over the last several months, TikTok and Instagram have been buzzing with excitement over these two iconic tracks. These being Deadmau5’s The Veldt’, & Benny Benassi’s ‘Cinema’. Now, they have even more reason as the Tik-Tok originating BYNX mashup has become an official release.

Undeniable dance floor hits each in their own right, “The Veldt” and “Cinema” have been inspirational to electronic music fans and music makers the world over. For Los Angeles-based BYNX the influence was no exception and being able to reimagine these iconic songs together, giving them a new life in the process, and to be supported not only by fans but also by the originators themselves–deadmau5, Gary Go, and Benny Benassi—while getting the notice off the back of platforms like TikTok and Instagram is a career highlight for note.

Even within a month of posting BYNX noticed the data indicating the version amassed over 159 million streams with over 100k shares alone. Since then it has skyrocketed even further.

Veldt Cinema

When asked about the edit, BYNX had the following to say:

“The process started because I wanted to combine two songs curated to my taste that had never been mixed before, keeping the focus on each of their most elemental parts,” shares BYNX. “At first, making this was solely a diversion for my own creative play, colliding two songs that have meant so much to me and for so long.”

He continues:

When I finally shared the track across social media, I realized its potential. The data showed that the audio hit 159 million streams within one month, with over 100k users creating their own reels to the track. Things got even crazier when I was tagged in Benny’s stories with a video of him playing the track. Soon after, Benassi reached out to invite me to one of his shows to perform the track live with him. This has been such a rewarding experience as an artist and fan. Reintroducing a classic in a new way like this, I think, helps us all go back to a moment in time that we wish we could have lived in for just a little longer.  I know this track will do just that for our community in electronic music.” 

The Veldt Cinema BYNX edit is out now and can be streamed below — long live mashup culture.