Black Tiger Sex Machine Presents Portals Tour at Brooklyn Mirage

Earlier this year, Black Tiger Sex Machine announced their upcoming Portals album, along with a tour of the same name. And now the tour is finally upon us in New York. BTSM will be joined by Kai Wachi, Veil, and Ruvlo on July 6th at the Brooklyn Mirage. Tickets are still available here on DICE.

If you haven’t already caught a Portals tour show yet, let’s say you’re in for one hell of a treat. The tour first debuted at Ultra Music Festival in Miami and it shocked the attendees with the crazy audiovisual setup. CGI extravaganza and top notch production as well as hard hitting bass is what you can expect. If that wasn’t special enough, for the first time ever, the Portals visuals will be presented in 4k ultra wide screen at the Brooklyn Mirage. If you haven’t attended a show at the venue in person or haven’t yet seen videos on instagram/Youtube, it’ll be a show you won’t forget.

Check out some of the visuals from a previous Portals show synced to their BTSM’s latest track ‘Mindstate’ which is out now.