Armin van Buuren Releases Long Anticipated Track ‘Motive’

Armin van Buuren is back with new music and it’s a track we all have been wanting for a while. Armin has had a surge of inspiration lately. So much so, he has an 8th studio album titled Feel Again on the way. His new single ‘Motive’ shows us the direction the Dutch DJ is heading.

The track is accompanied by a phenomenal music video that underlines the song’s concept. One can shape their own narrative and change the tides when listening to this one. ‘Motive’ effortlessly embodies broad crossover appeal right from the start. By harmoniously blending vibrant, dance-oriented beats with a commanding vocal performance, the song effortlessly permeates the airwaves.

It will satisfy the preferences of listeners around the globe without any difficulty. It seamlessly checks off all the criteria that resonate with a wide audience. Armin had this to say about the new tune:

Although the notion of a motive refers mostly to love and heartbreak in the song’s lyrics, I think there’s a broader meaning to it that’s worth homing in on

The video is partly shot in New York City to tie in the speed of life there. The music video for ‘Motive’ portrays a young man editing his storyline to be with the woman that got away. Make sure to check out ‘Motive’ below!