Are You Ready for Cityfox Regenerate at The Brooklyn Mirage?

The Brooklyn Mirage will once more go from sunset to sunrise for The Cityfox Experience: Regenerate on Saturday, June 10th. The CityFox Experience an immersive musical and art experience known for its emphasis on community and fostering a sense of connection among attendees. The staple event on The Mirage’s summer calendar attracts a diverse crowd of music and art enthusiasts, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. It encourages interaction and engagement, providing spaces for people to socialize, connect, and forge new friendships. This year’s lineup across the three stages in the Avant Gardner complex includes Agents of Time (live), Cassian, Francesca Lombardo, JOPLYN (live), Miss Monique, Monkey Safari, Nora En Pure, Rodriguez Jr., SOHMI, YokoO, and 8Keys, with support from Christian Voldstad, Lovecraft, and Saqib. Miss Monique and Monkey Safari will perform sunset sets. Set times were just posted on The Mirage’s social media.

Purchase tickets through DICE here.

Beyond the music, CityFox Experience offers a visually stunning display of art installations, interactive exhibits, and innovative technology. Attendees can explore immersive art installations, where they can engage with thought-provoking visual displays and innovative mediums. These art installations often incorporate cutting-edge technology, including virtual reality, projection mapping, and interactive elements, further enhancing the sensory experience.