Yotto and Karolus Become Something Good for ‘Before Dawn’

The duo have just released their follow-up to the reworked hit ‘Rhythm (Of The Night)‘.

Buckle up, because something good has just arrived! Quite literally. Music comes out today from the hands of Finnish duo Something Good, whose members are none other than Yotto and Karolus Viitala. The two have been working together for years now, and their new single ‘Before Dawn‘ featuring vocalist Sansa is not that new after all: their latest release is a treatment for one of their first singles, ever.

‘Before Dawn’ came to life all the way back in 2012, and as word spread, the track became a staple on dancefloors across the Nordic landscape. Over ten years later, the guys decided to do something good with their dear song, and gave it a little makeover under the fine ears both have polished through time.

Something Good.

Before Dawn

Uplifting vocals which date a decade back — because yes, the original vocals were kept, round of applause — will set the mood for quite a happy Summer-focused hit. A groovy piano riff sits over House percussion, a sustained pad, and an engulfing kick-bass combination. The break that comes further intensifies the housey vibes preceding a round of tension and release that pairs so well with a night out with friends, just before dawn.

You be the judge! Listen to ‘Before

You be the judge! Listen to ‘Before Dawn’ right below for a Spotify play, or if you prefer, click here to support the track any way you like.