This Never Happened Welcomes Luttrell

Luttrell is the newest artist to join the roster at This Never Happened with his two-track singles, ‘Darling & Waves‘. Eric is paving his way for a new adventure in his musical journey.

A week ago, May 19th fans saw Lane 8‘s TNH label post a mustache on their story along with a date 23/5. This mustache was the iconic mustache of Luttrell. Simultaneously, Luttrell posted the This Never Happened logo of the inverted V. This mysterious post got fans guessing the upcoming surprise.

Darling & Waves

Luttrell’s new vision with his two tracks is going down the quintessential melodic techno path. ‘Darling‘ starts of with melodic chords setting up the pace for the entire song. There is a mix of beautiful drums with the sequential chords that keep the listeners hooked from start to finish. Eric definitely knows how to hook us on and keep us wanting more. ‘Waves‘ the next track comes in strong with the mesmerizing vocals of Vania. The song starts of with Vania taking us on a journey and a quick drop that picks up with drum and slight bass. The track is definitely showcasing a side of Luttrell we haven’t seen but love already! At the 1 and half minute mark we hear happy tones and then past the 2 minute we hear the drop again. This track definitely gets my head bopping.

Back at Lane 8’s summer gathering in 2019 fans had caught Luttrell with his guest mix. We are so thrilled with Eric’s imprint now with This Never Happened. Luttrell will be embarking on his tour this summer, and will have a special b2b with Yotto at Red Rocks. And Lane 8 is back with three Summer Gatherings for the This Never Happened Family.

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