Space 92 Lands Again On Filth On Acid With An Avant-Garde Remix of Carl Cox and Reinier Zonneveld ‘Inferno’

French artist Space 92’s latest drop on Filth On Acid is an intense new remix of Carl Cox, Reinier Zonneveld & Christopher Coe‘s rave anthem ‘Inferno’. This banging new remix from the man of the moment takes techno to outer-space dimensions with a pulsing bassline and otherworldly synth sounds. Available now on every streaming platform.

With flat-footed drums as raw as they come and serrated synths keeping on firing, Space 92’s rendition of ‘Inferno’ gives us entrancing future feels. With a signature sound that mixes up the finest trancey techno, distorted percussion, and a touch of acid, in addition to underlying sensitivity and nostalgia, Space 92 is a trailblazing producer and an electrifying act to watch.

Working on Inferno was such a pleasant challenge because my goal was to never release the pressure and intensity of this fantastic track while consistently respecting Noughties Techno’s influences“.

Space 92
Inferno Space 92 remix

One of the best-selling Techno artists in the world for the third consecutive year in 2022 and with over 1.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, 2023 has been an eventful year for Space 92. In addition to his extraordinary remix of ‘Inferno’, the producer has recently dropped a stunning single, ‘Arpeggio’, in collaboration with techno giant HI-LO, and Filth on Acid favorite, the EP ‘Gravity’, released earlier this year.

Besides a string of thrilling productions, Space 92’s first quarter of the year has seen him blow up the stage at Ultra Festival in Miami, Peru, and Brazil, in addition to stellar shows around the United States, the UK, and Europe.

You can listen to Carl Cox, Reinier Zonneveld & Christopher Coe- ‘Inferno’ (Space 92 remix) below!