Printworks Closes But Promises to Return

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It is the end of the Printworks era, for now. Last weekend marked the closing of the iconic London venue after paying homage to the last six years. But Printworks didn’t leave its fans in a lurch. They closed with an announcement of their intention for Printworks to return.

At their final show on Monday, the team surprised guests right before BICEP’s closing set. They announced their intention to return to the Press Halls in three years. They answered the dwelling question on everyone’s mind as the final season, for now, drew to a close. The closing weekend was four events that embodied the venue’s history with huge special guest appearances from BICEP and Andy C. They had appearances from 75+ more artists, DJs, live acts, and more. If you missed the closing events, here is a clip from Peggy Gou’s set-

Printworks‘ policy of booking diverse and innovative acts has allowed them to stay at the forefront of culture since 2017. The final four parties embodied this. The lineup was reflecting the sonic adventure with a mix of international heavyweights, next-gen names and local legends. Fans experienced Peggy Gou, Camelphat, Mind Against, Adriatique, Black Coffee to name a few. Bespoke production for the closing weekend was also taken to another level by S E T U P, who merged the boundaries of multimedia art, lighting and stage design for an other-worldly experience for those in attendance.

© Photography by Jake Davis (

We are delighted to announce that Printworks hopes to return in three years and that we will continue to work with our partners at British Land to create the future cultural venue that retains the essence of the iconic Press Halls. Printworks has brought lasting impact to our scene, to our city, to artists and our local community. The future Printworks venue aims to build on this, bringing together all the best in all electronic music and visual arts, both as well as hosting some of the world’s best orchestras, ballet companies and other art forms

Simeon Aldred, Director of Strategy (Broadwick)

Broadwick Live has created and curated the Printworks journey, that has surpassed all expectations. Their mission has been to preserve and reimagine disused industrial spaces and give a new life to projects. They have created centres of cultural gravity with a global resonance and a lasting local impact. Starting as an experimental, temporary project, Printworks has cemented itself as a leading global culture destination and brand. 

Printworks and Broadwick Live take this opportunity to say thank you to each and every label, crew, collective, DJ, live act, artist, producer, staff member and most importantly the guests who have been part of the journey.

All of us here at EDM Tunes can’t wait for Printworks to return. Stay tuned for updates and news on Printworks!