Petition to Save O2 Brixton Academy Hits 25,000 Signatures

A petition has been launched to save the popular O2 Academy Brixton, a South London music venue. The venue is facing potential closure after London’s Metropolitan Police requested to rescind its license, citing safety concerns.

The petition has already garnered 25,000 signatures from music fans and artists alike, who are calling on local authorities to protect the historic venue and its cultural significance. The O2 Academy Brixton has hosted countless iconic performances over the years, and its closure would be a significant loss to the music and local community.

The petition states:

Supporters of the petition commented:

“Brixton Academy is an iconic London music venue and should this cease to be so, another part of the musical landscape and history is lost forever.

What happened there was a tragedy, but caused by people. People without tickets, security taking back handers etc.

Revoke the security firm’s license and bring in someone adequate recommended by the police (security having been alleged to take back-handers to allow people into gigs, surely lies at the heart of those without tickets attending).

Bring in new security procedures including crowd control to ensure a repeat doesn’t happen, but let’s not turn this venue into soulless flats as would more than likely happen in the event of permanent closure.

I personally have been to hundreds of gigs in my lifetime, many of them here and I have never once felt like safety was an issue!

The loss of this venue would also have a devastating affect on the local economy!

So please, let’s help keep music live and Save Brixton Academy!”

Supporters of the petition commented:

“This is as vital as the royal opera house, or the albert hall in terms of the opportunities it provides for bands and musicians worldwide to bring their talent and visions to thousands of fans and lovers of art in its many forms.

The foolish behaviour and errors of judgement made by a handful of irresponsible and untrustworthy individuals, is not a justifiable reason for this incredible, historic and inspirational building to cease being used to facilitate such fantastically essential entertainment.”

“The O2 Academy is an important historic building with a continuing important role enabling live music and performing arts to take place in this area. The recent tragedy that took place, had NOTHING to do with the building!!

It had more to do with the poor ticket control, management and Security! The building NEEDS to continue.”

In mid-April, the Met Police submitted a request to Lambeth Council that the O2 Brixton Academy have its license revoked as they had “lost confidence” in Academy Music Group (AMG) as an operator.

The O2 Brixton Academy has enjoyed cultural significance in the UK music scene since it opened in 1983. Upcoming acts include Avril Lavigne, Ziggy Alberts, Fatboy Slim, Peach Pit and the Goo Goo Dolls.

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