Nicholas Gunn Launches Label With First Release ‘Here I Am’

A label made for Trance, from the hands of a producer who has been for over 30 years a part of the Music Industry.

Nicholas Gunn is a music producer and songwriter who has been active for decades. Born in the UK, the Royal Academy of Music academic has had his music career cover a variety of genres, including Experimental, Ambient, Chill House, and Trance. Perhaps the work he’s best known for is a single taken from his 1995 album The Music of the Grand Canyon, ‘Entering Twin Falls‘.

Gunn is also the owner of the Blue Dot Studios record label. Today, he has launched Blue Dot Trance, an imprint devoted to Trance, as the name says. To celebrate the creation of this new space, the first release in the history of BDT is out today. It’s a track going by the name ‘Here I Am‘, an amazing collaboration between Nicholas Gunn, young Trance prodigy Harshil Kamdar, and vocalist Alina Renae.

Here I Am

A true Uplifting Trance gem, the track is driven by a bass sequence under a powerful kick. Several melodic synths come into the drop halfway through. And then, we’re left alone with the gentle and touching nature of the break. Alina’s vocals caress your ears in tandem with a shy piano melody. Stay a while for you to hear the saws coming! Because it wouldn’t be a proper uplifting track without this pluck that becomes big and wide, and that will accompany us all the way to the melodic drop. Hands up and eyes closed moment when the tension finally releases and we’re left with a true thing of beauty. As a Trance lover, I truly recommend you give your Friday a touch of feeling with this track.

Have a listen yourself! Give ‘Here I Am’ a listen right below for your daily Spotify play. Thank you Nicholas, Harshil, and Alina for this beautiful work of art.