MEDUZA’s Latest Single “Friends” is an Infectious and Energetic Must-Listen

MEDUZA, the legendary electronic music trio, returns with their trademark sound that is constantly evolving with a melodic house backbone, leading to their massive international fan following. Known for their global hit ‘Piece of Your Heart’ released in 2019, the Italian producers have been thrilling audiences worldwide at various festivals. To satisfy fans while they wait for their highly anticipated EDC Las Vegas festival set, MEDUZA has released their vibrant new single “Friends.”

MEDUZA has proven their pioneering spirit in the music industry time and time again, consistently pushing boundaries with their latest creations. They are not afraid to experiment with sounds and styles, and their music continues to evolve in exciting ways. MEDUZA’s commitment to innovation has cemented their status as one of the most respected and influential acts in dance music history. The trio crafted their hit record “Piece Of Your Heart” to become legends in the industry, and their ever-evolving sound design has won the hearts of millions worldwide. As they prepare to take the stage at EDC Las Vegas on May 18th at the Circuit Grounds from 10:00 PM, MEDUZA has given fans another reason to celebrate with the release of their electrifying single “Friends” on AETERNA Records.

“Friends” is a glowing homage to the early days of rave music, drawing inspiration from classics like Underworld’s “Born Slippy”. The pounding bassline and energetic vocals are sure to get crowds moving on dancefloors worldwide. The track is already a fan favorite, and MEDUZA’s signature sound is on full display as they expertly layer driving beats and catchy melodies to create an unforgettable summer festival anthem.

“We made this record after a heavy period of touring and wanted to create something full of energy for the dancefloors. We love the rave-influenced sounds of the 90s and wanted to make our own 2023 sound to bring back the same feelings and emotions we remembered from then, to share with all our fans, our ‘Friends’”

— Meduza