iPhones Will Be Able To Replicate Your Voice With 15 Minutes of Training

iPhones are getting a crazy creepy feature that you’ll want to try. The new feature allows users to create a synthesized voice that sounds like them. The Personal Voice feature is designed for individuals who may lose their ability to speak or have difficulty communicating with others. With this feature, users can create a unique synthesized voice that sounds like them. They can then use this voice to talk to friends or family members.

According to Apple, users can create their Personal Voice by reading a set of text prompts aloud for a total of 15 minutes of audio on their iPhone or iPad. This process allows the device to capture the user’s unique voice, tone, and inflection. Once the voice is created, users can then type what they want to say, and their Personal Voice will read it out loud to the person they are communicating with.

The feature integrates with Live Speech, which means that users can communicate with others in real-time. This is particularly useful for individuals who may have difficulty speaking or communicating with others in person.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Aleksei Poprotskii

Is the Personal Voice feature secure?

Yes, Apple has ensured that the feature is secure and keeps users’ information private. The feature uses on-device machine learning to create the synthesized voice, which means that the data never leaves the device. This ensures that users’ information is kept private and secure.

Overall, Apple’s new accessibility features demonstrate the company’s commitment to creating products that are inclusive and accessible to all users. These features are a significant step forward in making technology more accessible and user-friendly for individuals with disabilities.