Groove Cruise Miami’s 2024 Themes Are Here!

Your Groove Cruise Miami 2024 themes are here! As you prepare for seeing headliners like Tiesto, John Summit, and Diplo for the January 24th-28th, 2024 event, add outfit planning to your list, as each day presents two different themes to dance the night away and express yourself. Check out the theme details below:


Represent: What makes you unique by wearing anything that represents your country, team, favorite anything, and of course, virgins wear white.

U are the Universe: Think galaxy, aliens, planets, astronauts, anything space.


Welcome To The Jungle: Bring out your inner spirit animal with colorful zoo animals, to bright colored amphibians.

Dancing Thru The Decades: Get your groove on with this funky theme with  by dressing up as 20’s flappers, hippies, disco queens, 80’s breakdancers, 90’s ravers.


Groove Racers: Race to the finish line and wear your best NASCAR gear or channel your inner biker chick.

50 Shades of Nintendo: Take your favorite Nintendo character, and make it naughty. Think punk rock Nintendo, goth Nintendo, whatever you’re into,


Naughty Nautical: Get steamy, wearing captains hats, or sassy sailor suits. Think seashells, mermaids, fishnets, anything fun under the sun.

Captain’s Jubilee: Celebrate in style with this regal and majestic theme. Think sparkles, shiny and glitter or metallic, and let’s raise a toast to the 20th anniversary of Groove Cruise.

In addition to theme announcements, the official Spotify playlist for Groove Cruise Miami 2024 is available now! Featuring all of the talented artists on the lineup, the playlist is the perfect way to get hype before even stepping on to the ship.

Groove Cruise Miami 2024 is currently sold out, but you can sign up for the waitlist here.