Genix Puts Out Filthy Remix of Andrew Bayer’s ‘No Silence’

If you’re looking for a track to get your weekend going, Genix has what you need. Genix’s remix of Andrew Bayer‘s track ‘No Silence‘ is deep, down, and dirty, perfect for those late rave nights.

From start to finish, this tasty remix will get your feet going on the dance floor. Genix’s version only adds to this beautifully crafted track’s powerful sound.

Genix already has over 100 original tracks/remixes, and he continues to put his stamp on the electronic. In addition, the UK DJ is bringing his Warehouse55 tour to the UK and the US. You’ll want to check that one out, as he’s sure to bring the heat and some other talented friends; grab tickets here.

Having worked together on tracks such as ‘The Test’ and a remix for Bayer’s own ‘Love You More’, ‘No Silence’ is only one of the many projects they’ve been involved in. Do give Genix’s bouncing remix of Andrew Bayer’s ‘No Silence’ a listen below.

Photo via Facebook: Genix