Fans Are Raving About Skrillex’s 5-Hour Red Rocks Set

Credit: Marilyn Hue

According to EDM Twitter, Skrillex impressed everyone with his 5-hour Red Rocks set. It was incredibly engaging and didn’t feel dragging at any point. Skrillex made sure to keep things interesting by moving through various styles and frequently changing the tempo. Louis The Child posted a helpful Tweet thread reviewing the entire experience, but he was just one of many Skrillex fans sharing glowing reviews. For the techno heads confused at all the praise, it’s much harder to play 5 hours of bass music mixed with other genres than it might be to do a 5-hour techno set.

Skrillex played a mix of classic hits and new, unreleased songs during his 5-hour set at Red Rocks. Fans were excited to hear some old favorites like “Kill Everybody,” “Summit,” “Rock N Roll,” “Devils Den,” “Ruffneck,” “Right In,” and “Kyoto.” Most of the set, as witnessed by the audience, was comprised of Skrillex’s self-produced tracks.

Some of the fans, who had seen Skrillex perform many times before, declared that the 5-hour set at Red Rocks was one of their all-time favorite shows. They had never experienced anything quite like it and found it to be extremely captivating.

Rumble Music Video

As if that wasn’t enough, Skrillex also dropped a music video for his huge single, ‘Rumble‘. This new video was shot during the trio’s third surprise London pop-up at The Troxy leading up to their final show in New York and paints a perfect recap of the high-energy environment created during these events. Shot as a point-of-view visual where the camera follows ravers and performers throughout the night, this exciting music video is sure to provide a fresh perspective of what fans can expect from a Skrillex performance moving forward.