Enrico Sangiuliano Releases 2-Track ‘Physical Change’ EP on NINETOZERO

Out today on his NINETOZERO imprint is Enrico Sangiuliano’s two-track Physical Change EP. Tethered to the roots of NINETOZERO’s overruling theme of time, Sangiuliano’s latest EP expresses the narrative of mutation and evolution within sound. The title track presents a peak-time worthy offering with an erratic edge. Experimenting with distorted, acid-leaning synth lines, the track’s melodic complexities serve as a sonic depiction of the unpredictability of change. ‘Pulse Of Progression’ is another hard-hitting cut with endless amounts of intrigue and originality. True to its name, the B-side delivers a tantalising web of melodic synth intricacies above a pulsating foundation of percussion. This gives listeners a real sense of progression and journey within the concept of change.

The Physical Change EP lands ahead of Sangiuliano’s correlative SOLO show at 99 Scott in New York on May 13th. In conjunction with NINETOZERO’s countdown of releases, Enrico launched his SOLO event series last year at the late Marktkantine in Amsterdam. Expanding the label’s narrative and ethos into an immersive live event, his all-night-long shows highlight the evanescent beauty of music and club culture, whilst providing audiences with the intended setting to experience his NINETOZERO works. The SOLO show at Scott 99 on May 13th marks the series’ first stateside edition to date. You can grab tickets here.