EDC Attendees Warned of Construction Delays at Las Vegas Airport and Freeways

As EDC Week finally approaches, over half a million attendees are estimated to decent upon the Las Vegas Metropolitan area for one of the largest electronic dance festivals in the world May 19 – 21 and the excitement is palpable. However, Insomiac Events owner Pasquale Rotella has just issued a warning on his instagram that there is ongoing construction at Harry Reid International Airport/McCarran Airport that has resulted in regular flight delays. And for drivers, there is construction along Interstate 15 towards Las Vegas.

If you have the flexibility to adjust your travel plans, you may want to consider arriving earlier as these potential issues are likely to be exacerbated with so many inbound attendees. It is highly recommend keeping in touch with your airlines to stay up to date on any flight schedule changes or other important information. 

“We’re dedicated to making this weekend one of the most incredible experiences of your life. If you run into any obstacles that are outside all of our control, I kindly ask that you approach them with a positive mindset, making a conscious effort not to let them ruin your weekend. Unexpected curveballs can happen before, during, and after a major festival like EDC. Remember to be your best self, immerse yourself in music, engage in games, socialize, and connect with fellow Headliners who may be waiting alongside you. Let’s create an atmosphere of positivity and keep the good vibes flowing with your help.”

— Pasquale Rotella