Datsik ‘Revival’ Show Bites the Dust Amid Backlash

Not many moons ago, the electronic community witnessed itself mired in a mixed reaction around Datsik. The controversial Canadian DJ & producer, real name Troy Beetles, was scheduled for a comeback after 5 years on June 10th. The announcement and subsequent promotions happened from none other than the acclaimed Avalon Hollywood nightclub. The hysteria was short-lived.

‘The Revival Show’ was subjected to an astounding tide of backlash online. The result was a speedy cancelation a few days later. Datsik’s last outing, billed as ‘The Ninja Tour’ in 2018 was eclipsed by mind-boggling allegations spanning across multiple women. These accusations paved the way for future cancelations and his resultant disappearance from the scene.

Following the cancellation of the show, he’s reformatted it and scheduled it for June 9th:

Datsik had faced criticism for the lack of complete acknowledgment of the seriousness of these allegations or issuing an apology. The actions included taking advantage of intoxicated women on his tour bus and distributing signs that spelled “tulsa,” which formed the word “a sl*t” when viewed in a mirror. Consequently, Datsik’s agency and management company, Deckstar and Circle Talent Agency, terminated their association with him.

Troy aka Datsik did not let these obstacles hinder his creativity and continued producing music. He released a new album titled ‘Afterlife’ in April. It still remains unpredictable when or if ever he is able to re-establish a hold in the industry. The progress of such an action would be determined about the public opinion to accept such an artist back in the groove.