CloudNone Brings All the Feels with ‘The Door’


This week, enigmatic producer CloudNone wants us to feel all the feels with his new single ‘The Door’ featuring powerful vocals from Nina Sung. The track is filled with driving emotional melodies, and a signature progressive bass line of which CloudNone is garnering acclaim.

You’ll recognize Nina’s amazing voice from her feature on Illenium’s massive song ‘Only One’ from his debut album, also released by Seeking Blue Records. Here her vocals reflect on the relationship we have with ourselves, and how we need to seize the moment to help ourselves evolve. Nina’s voice sits perfectly on CloudNone’s driving melodic production.

As an artist, CloudNone was birthed from the idea that we all wear a mask. He conveys the message that we’re the best versions of ourselves when we can be our most authentic. The artist strikes a chord with anyone who has ever needed to reflect on the best times to get through hard times.

CloudNone isn’t a declaration that there are no metaphorical clouds in life, but rather a constant wishing the clouds away and an ignorance towards the existence of any clouds.”

– CloudNone