CHEE Unveils Heart Pounding Polarities EP

One of the most creative up-and-coming electronic artists CHEE released his new Polarities EP. The talented young producer unleashes a plethora of melodic bass in this collection of great music. 

Moreover, CHEE linked with Deadbeats to put out the five-track boundary-pushing EP. Polarities includes the tunes ‘The Wisp Song‘, ‘Act Like You Know‘, ‘Spangled‘, ‘Rusty Nickels‘, and ‘Hold It‘. All five songs put a different twist on a new sound that the EDM community is only first discovering.


In addition, the South African producer is already making his name known in the industry, and is also becoming a fan favorite. Last year Chee played HARD Summer, Svdden Death‘s new festival Summoning of the Eclipse, and EDC Orlando.

Stay tuned for more from CHEE, and take a peep at his social pages. Also, don’t forget to listen to CHEE’s gigantic Polarities EP below, using the Spotify interactive button.