Canadian Man Opens Shop Selling Heroin, Cocaine, and Meth & Guess What Happened?

A Canadian Man’s Shop to help combat overdosing in Vancouver has been shut down. Local resident Jerry Martin unveiled The Drugs Store, which aimed to sell safer Heroin, Cocaine, and Meth. While all of his intentions were good, unfortunately, the cops arrested him just a day into its opening.

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside has a drug epidemic. The mobile shop aimed to provide substances free of the deadly contaminant fentanyl that is ravaging cities. The Vancouver police announced the arrest with the explanation of an “illicit drug dispensary operating in the Downtown Eastside.” Evidence was gathered swiftly once the suspect began selling drugs from the mobile trailer.

While the Police also announced they support safe drug measures, they don’t support drug trafficking. During the operation, police seized two vehicles, body armor, and Canadian currency, with Martin subsequently banned from returning to the Downtown Eastside as part of his bail conditions.

Martin protected himself with a stab-proof vest and operated from behind a Plexiglas window. He also matched street prices for his safer supplies. Sounds like a man of the people to me. Martin admitted his intentions were to be arrested so he could launch his bigger-picture idea.

He intends to launch a constitutional challenge against drug prohibition laws that, he argued, fostered a toxic drug supply responsible for countless Canadian deaths. Fueled by personal tragedy with the death of his stepbrother from drugs, Martin’s audacious endeavor stands as a testament to his passion and commitment to challenging the status quo of the ongoing drug crisis.