Boomy In Hot Water From Spotify and Others Over A.I. Generated Music

The artificial intelligence music generator Boomy is under fire from streaming platforms and record labels alike, following the new style of music that found its way onto the Spotify streaming platform. Recently, Spotify reinstated those tracks after allegations were made that the releases were “fake streaming“. Also, Universal Music Group is removing Boomy’s ability to use their licensed music to train their A.I. software. Following the reinstatements of their music, Boomy tweeted:

“Supporting our artists and creators who use the Boomy platform is our top priority, and we greatly appreciate your patience these past few days.”

– Boomy via Twitter post spotify allegations

What exactly is Boomy?

This insane technology is capable of producing multiple tracks once users key in their specified taste in music on the website. They have the freedom to pick their “style” that is similar to genres but some might contain elements from multiple genres. These users are then able to take their A.I. generated tracks and use them as they want. There are already thousands of generated tracks being released. It’s as simple as just a few clicks.

Why are so many fighting the release of A.I. music?

Many are scared that A.I. music might wash out the music industry and ruin talented artists’ careers. Others, like Universal Music Group, are saying that in order for Boomy to do what it does it has to have other music as a reference. So, in a way, someone could say A.I. is using other’s hard work and musical styles to generate it’s own.

Society isn’t all raising their pitchforks towards the new technology. Artist Grimes told the public that she would split her royalties 50/50 with anyone who made music using her voice. Also, a music distribution company called Ditto Music performed a study with their users and asked them if they would use A.I. in their music-making process. 66% of participants would use AI for mixing and mastering, while 62% would use the technology for music production. Also, 77% said they would use artificial intelligence to create album artwork. 28.5% of these votes said they would never consider using A.I. in any way in their music-making process.

Conclusion and Boomy Spotify

If anyone told us 10 years ago that people would be making songs in seconds we would probably not believe them. It really is the craziest thing that people can do it now with just a simple click. Something this powerful does have the ability to transition a whole industry in a new direction, good or bad. We will see.