Whiteout Unleases Fierce New Track ‘Stay Focused’

Whiteout is back with a fiercely new tune. ‘Stay Focused’ kicks into the energy immediately with a massive build. Staying focused on the drop is thumping kick and ear-tingling synths. Insanely impactful and not for the faint of heart, ‘Stay Focused’ hits as a freight train with a bulldozer mounted up front.

A label regular of A State of Trance, Whiteout constructed a beast of a record. This one will require any club or stadium to double down on structural integrity. The second drop has even more energy and will send your body moving. More ear candy enters leaving us ready to replay this tune so we can go on the thrill ride once again.

This tune was premiered by Armin himself on ASOT 1115. Make sure to check it out below!