Skrillex Teases Two More Albums in 2023

After eight long years with no new albums, Skrillex fans seem likely to get four in 2023.

The Grammy-winning DJ and producer Skrillex, aka Sonny John Moore, released his sophomore album, Quest For Fire, on February 17th and announced the same day that he would be dropping another the following day. He released the collab-heavy Don’t Get Too Close during his Madison Square Garden rave with Fred Again and Four Tet. Each album has received millions of listens and made him a new record-breaker.

Now, Skrillex has teased two upcoming albums on the way with a subtle tweet.

Quest For Fire and Don’t Get Too Close are noted by their initials as the first two lines. Below are “SKRLX,” likely a self-titled album, and “CONTRA.” The “23” at the end seems to indicate both albums will come out this year.

His MSG set was just the start in “the year of Skrillex.” Recently, the DJ performed in São Paulo at a free pop-up alongside DJ and radio presenter, Jyoty Singh. During the show, Singh announced she was “working on a new Skrillex album” and later tweeted that the album will feature Brazilian artists. He also has a monumental five-hour set at Red Rocks coming up on April 29th. It’s very likely fans will get a buffet of new tracks. In fact, a spokesperson has said the Red Rocks show will feature “sound that he’s been crafting together over the last couple of years.”

Skrillex gained fame in late 2010 with his third EP, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Since then, he’s dropped a number of global hits, including “Where Are Ü Now (with Justin Bieber),” which has more than a billion listens on Spotify, and “Bangarang (feat. Sirah)” with nearly half a billion listens.

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