Samsung in Talks with Microsoft to Switch to Bing’s Search Engine for New Phones

Google has long been the default search engine for most browsers out there. They pay companies like Apple billions to keep it that way. However, it seems Samsung may be considering going a different direction. According to The New York Times, Samsung is seemingly in talks with Microsoft about potentially making Bing the default search engine on Samsung phones.

This would be a big change for consumers. But it appears Samsung sees potential in Microsoft’s new AI search feature. The company recently teamed up with Open AI to integrate a variant of ChatGPT into its search engine, causing Bing to spike in popularity, as ChatGPT has been a topic of interest among consumers as of late.

The New York Times article also states that Google is now aware of these talks between Microsoft and Samsung, which has caused the company to ‘panic.’ To stay competitive, Google is also working on its own ChatGPT, which is currently in the testing phase. Time will tell whether Samsung will continue on with Google or switch over to Bing.