New Mussolini TV Series Will Have a Rave Culture Tone

The new drama television series on the rise of the fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, called M. Son of the Century will have a “rave culture aesthetic“. In fact, the – British – director of the show Joe Wright said that it will be “quite outlandish” with deeply saturated colors, punctuated by a “kind of techno score”. Obviously, this is a very interesting choice considering the show is based on events that date back from 100 years ago.

Even though the show will not be told “in a vérité style”, Wright pointed out that “all the facts of what happened, they’re all there“. Wright added that he will often play techno on set.

“If I’ve got a big crowd with a lot of men, who are supposed to be full of testosterone and energy, then I might play techno, or I might play Black Sabbath”

-Joe Wright

Luca Marinelli (“The Eight Mountains,” “Martin Eden”) plays Mussolini during the period between 1919, when he founded the fascist party in Italy, and 1925 when – having gained power with the 1922 March on Rome – Mussolini made an infamous speech in the Italian Chamber of Deputies declaring himself a dictator. 

“M” is based on Antonio Scurati’s eponymous Premio Strega-winning and international bestselling novel which traces the birth of Fascism in Italy and Mussolini’s ascent with an innovative approach. Sky Studios and The Apartment Pictures are producing in collaboration with Pathé and Small Forward. The show will play on Sky in its European territories (U.K., Ireland Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

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