Lane 8 Releases Spring 2022 Mixtape Finale ID ‘La Niña’

Daniel promised fans more new music in 2023 and so far he’s living up to it. This Never Happened boss has released his Winter 2022 and Spring 2023 Mixtape along with two tracks in the first quarter of 2023. Fans have waited for ‘La Niña‘ since the 2022 spring mixtape and enjoying it live at all his Reviver tours. Out today on This Never Happened.

Just a few weeks shy of releasing ‘Woman’ the opening ID of the 2023 spring mixtape, Lane 8 is keeping up to his word of showering us with amazing tunes. ‘La Niña’ translates to ‘the girl’ in Spanish. It seems to be the other half of an anticipated EP considering the other track is ‘Woman’. ‘La Niña’ could pay a special ode to Daniel’s daughter as he shares the release on social media with several pictures of them together.


This Never Happened label boss has not indicated a larger project by delivering both IDs back to back. It has been a year since Daniel released Reviver and ‘No Fun’. ‘Woman’ released three weeks ago is a 10 minute track that Daniel never anticipated being so long. He elaborated on how a simple version of the main melody was plotted out and a mistake paved a unique way to this track. Instead of raising the melody by an octave he raised it by a note. Daniel is able to take his fans on a journey that connects to their soul through his tracks. I hope that we are in for more releases by the legend himself through the summer.

La Niña

I have distinct memories from hearing this at Coachella last year and being in awe and anticipation for the release. Daniel has played this track for the last year and a half. Every time I hear it live it gives me goosebumps. It is a 6 minute long track, showcasing a new trend of longer melodies for us. This melodic house song picks up at the first minute and shows us the “endless possibilities” this mastermind has for us. The slow down at the end of the second part leads to suspense and builds up from there to hit the tempo again at the end of the third minute transports me back to the midst of a festival swaying to this track.

Lane 8 will not be doing any solo shows this year. Fans can catch him next at EDC before he sets off for his Summer Gatherings. Be sure to get your tickets here: