Jolene Sound Room Officially Opens at Moxy in Brooklyn

New York has another new hangout spot to add to the jungle. The beautiful new and intimate Jolene Sound Room has officially opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I was able to check out the new place and it is sparkling. The drinks are incredibly unique and create flavors you have never experienced. The main room has lounges that do not interfere with the main dance floor.

Upon entering, you will first notice the lights brimming on every wall. The ceiling arches around the DJ, and there is no better sight than when the music is synching with the lights. This club was opened by the same owners as Club Space in Miami. They have teamed up with Moxy Hotels and Bar Lab Hospitality for Jolene. Jolene will be part of the brand-new Moxy Williamsburg. We chatted with  Director of Programming, Will Buckley regarding the opening

“I want Jolene Sound Room Brooklyn to be about the neighborhood — a hangout for locals that’s also a destination for people coming from out of town to experience Brooklyn. Our weekly programming will continue to focus on Brooklyn’s trusted selectors. There’s a lot of talent and a community here that has inspired me ever since I moved to Brooklyn 10 years ago. I’d love for Jolene to be a home for those DJs, parties, and the people who have been putting in the effort to make the scene here what it is.

Will Buckley – Director of Programming

It’s a retro-themed high-energy room for 150 people celebrating local music culture with incoming talent from the global dance music scene. It’s called Jolene to call up the fierceness and feminity of Dolly Parton, with textures and colors reminiscent of the 70s and 80s.

You can see their upcoming events right here!