ilan Bluestone’s Innovative ‘On Me’

Anjunabeats‘ core artist has just put out his first work of the year on the label, a truly progressive track, with some cheeky tricks as well.

There’s no Anjunabeats without ilan Bluestone. And there’s no ilan Bluestone without Anjunabeats either. As two halves of a very delicate and unique journey together, we fans are, by now, quite used to seeing ilan release the majority of his tracks on the British imprint. And how wouldn’t we? Tracks like ‘Spheres‘, ‘Sinai‘, ‘Bonsai‘, ‘Bigger Than Love‘, ‘Will We Remain?‘, and ‘Noa‘ are all defining tracks of the iconic Anjuna sound.

And therefore, even if we were digging his BONNIE X CLYDE remix for ‘Another You, it’s our pleasure to inform you that Mr. Bluestone just set foot on Anjuna for his first original release of the year, ‘On Me‘.

ilan Bluestone.

On Me

‘On Me’ is a track which leaves all of the turmoil and the heavy beats behind, to give way to a much more chill, contemplating aura. You’ll notice a Trance progression straight away, one of those chord lines which caress the soul. Lonely arpeggios, plucks with a long tail, and a substantial amount of warmth all give this song the old-school-elements-in-a-modern-composition feels.

As for the vocals, there’s something quite interesting going on. They’re not sung by anybody in particular, but rather, they’re AI-generated:

“I wanted to experiment with the use of AI on vocals to achieve a perfect balance of emotion and sound. I started by using some samples, and then decided to use AI. Next, I sang my own vocals with gibberish lyrics and used vocal chopping and pitching methods to get the desired result that I wanted.”

-ilan Bluestone

Final Words

Listen to ‘On Me’ in full by clicking the Spotify button below. Alternatively, click here for your YouTube play, or here to support the single on any platform of your choice.