GORDO Returns to Vegas for Residency With TAO Group

GORDO (Diamante Anthony Blackmon) just announced his new residency. As a matter of fact, the man formerly known as Carnage that he will be Tao Group Hospitality’s newest resident. The acclaimed producer will perform at iconic venues such as Tao Beach Dayclub, Marquee Dayclub, and Hakkasan Nightclub.

To announce the campaign, GORDO released a viral video that reenacts LeBron James’s iconic decision heard around the world when announcing he was going to play for the Miami Heat during “The Decision”. You can check out the video below.

Over a decade ago Marquee believed in Carnage and gave me a shot on the strip, its a crazy honour to return as GORDO and have the opportunity to play across all of Tao Group Hospitality’s incredible new properties…the best is yet to come.


Here is the list of all the dates and venues :

  • Sunday April 30 – Marquee Dayclub
  • Friday June 16 – Tao Beach Dayclub
  • Sunday Aug 20 – Marquee Dayclub
  • Friday Aug 25 – Tao Beach Dayclub
  • Thursday Sept 7 – Hakkasan Nightclub
  • Friday Sept 22 – Tao Beach Dayclub
  • Thursday Oct 12 – Hakkasan Nightclub

GORDO is currently touring the United States and will perform two times at Coachella over the next two weekends. Check out the full schedule of his summer here. Tickets are sure to sell out fast, so grab them as soon as you can.

Stay tuned for more news!