Giorgia Angiuli – Never Too Late

Making a resounding label debut, Italian multifaceted artist Giorgia Angiuli releases ‘Never Too Late’ on Purified Records. The producer and DJ capture this single with the message of getting to what we most want, no matter how long it takes us to get there.

Showcasing the depths of her production prowess, the cut exudes a mysterious atmosphere, building a complex arrangement with deep bass and menacing synths. Clearly represents the complex process of seeing ourselves grow and noticing many times that others seem to reach their goals faster.

Introducing Giorgia’s guiding vocals, a break allows listeners to catch their breath before a hypnotic drop takes the lead, resulting in a truly captivating offering from the Italian star.

You Inspire Me‘ and ‘Trust The Hours‘ are other songs by her that have lifted her talent to the ears of many.

You can listen to Giorgia Angiuli – ‘Never Too Late’ below, by following the Spotify button!