Rich Furniss And LEFTI New Banger, ‘You Made It’

New York artists, Rich Furniss and LEFTI team up for ‘You Made It‘, a groovy house track featuring vocals from Amazonian Rockstar. It takes any listener on a journey of tension and release giving it the perfect edge to dance too. The three combined their years of experience to make a one-of-a-kind track.

Mostly made of a solid house groove and massive bassline, ‘You Made It’ is perfect for house lovers. The vocals overlaying this constant groove create the perfect amount of tension needed for those massive builds you hear in the best clubs. Together, all the elements work in harmony. If you have never heard of house music, this track is the perfect first experience.

Here is what the artists are saying about their new track:

“I couldn’t have been more excited to collaborate with 2 of my favorite people. Always great to be back in the presence of Amazonian Rockstar and her incredible energy.”


“Writing this song with Nicki “Amazonian Rockstar” was magical, we sat and just talked about where we were in life. When she came back with the lyrics and vocals, I knew this would be a hit. I had to bring in my long-time brother Lefti to take this song to the next level. I hope this song takes listeners on the same journey it took me on.”

Rich Furniss

What makes Rich Furniss so cool

Rich Furniss is an American EDM producer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ based in Brooklyn, New York. He first broke onto the scene with a group called Starters DJs, which achieved multiple HypeM #1s. As his alias MopTop, he performed alongside Rick Ross, Chromeo, Diplo, and toured with Korn, Slayer, Body Count at Mayhem Fest 2014 and 2015 + performing at Odd Ball Festival 2015. In addition to this impressive resume, he toured with Oddball Comedy Festival in 2015 with Aziz and Amy Schumer and played Governor’s Ball Artist Village in 2015 & 2016. More recently, he made a demo at NAMM 2017 and started a video studio to launch MoTV (20K Subscribers) to help artists in New York create content and be seen. He continues his reign in the dance scene with new releases like ‘You Made it’ and ‘Out Of This World‘.

Stream & Conclusion

There is a stockpile of talent in ‘You Made it’. It is already making waves in the dance music scene, just like its creators. Jump in and listen to this next hit record.