Maor Levi & Magnificence Turn Up The Heat On ‘Let You Go’

Maor Levi & Magnificence are turning up the heat on Anjunabeats. Their new track ‘Let You Go’ has all the right elements to get your body moving. It marks the first time these two artists have come together and we hope for more in the future. Maor has been a staple of Anjunabeats since he debuted on the label at the age of only 15.

The track begins with a blissful vocal ambiance and quickly turns into an aggressive chunky drop. No true build and just pure energy. The first drop features some wonky bass synths. There are a ton of ear-candy moments throughout with the break providing tension and full-length vocals.

The 2nd drop has some twists and turns with a variety of new sounds. I found the first drop to be more Bass focused and the 2nd to be more Trance focused. Perfect for the label. It really does feel like a perfect mix of both of these artists’ sounds.

This marks Magnificence’s first release on Anjunabeats. This was his 2nd release of the year following the STMPD track ‘Rebel Nation.’ This was also Maor’s second release of the year following ‘Alone.’

Make sure to check out ‘Let You Go’ below!